1998 Chateau Menota Sauternes

I hope that no one has an emotional attachment to ’98 Chateau Menota Sauternes. It is astounding in its absolute lack of any aroma. The flavor is even blander. It reminds me of a hypothetical blend of Lezin-Lagnier’s late-harvest Condrieu, distilled water, and diluted Bennett’s Fix-A-Drink. I do recommend getting a couple of bottles, though; it’s fun to pour this for someone and watch them scrunch up their noses and swirl furiously, trying hard to get ANYTHING out of it, wondering if their sense of smell has mysteriously shut off. The Whoopee Cushion of wine geekdom. Hmm, wonder if I could get Riedel to make a Burgundy dribble glass?

SY (6/00)