2006 Chasseur “Russian River Valley” Pinot Noir

A new label to me, I was a bit curious. The cherry, cola and Asian spice notes clearly mark this as a RRV Pinot but it is a little more high toned than one would expect. Bright cherry palate with a modicum of fine tannins make for a juicy mouthful of flavor but I am a bit curious about whether or not there may be a touch of additional tartaric acid in the mix. The 14.1% alcohol level keeps it from being completely over the top in the ripeness category, which could also account for the brightness of the fruit.

Update: Air is being kind. The wine is developing that silky texture missing in so many domestic Pinots these days. It may be acidified but I plan on adding a few to the cellar.

Moe/Larry. Could get to triple Larry. $36

JD (4/09)