1997 Greenwood Ridge Pinot Noir

($20): The first ’97 Pinot I’ve tried, I’m pleased with what’s in the bottle. Medium ruby color, the nose has plenty of fruit and “asian spice” that is so commonly associated with Pinot Noir. There was even a hint of mercaptan funkiness that in small doses, adds complexity. After about half an hour, toasted oak reared its potentially ugly head. Fortunately, the fruit would have none of that and reasserted itself, with the oak staying in the background where it belongs. The palate is medium bodied with plenty of fruit and spice. Decent acidity with some of the silkiness that I attribute to a good Pinot. The finish hangs on long enough to satisfy. Although it may improve in the next year or so, it’s not a wine to lay down for any length of time. Greenwood Ridge continues in its line of drinkable, reasonably priced wines.

JD (1/99)