Corn and Morels

This is adapted from Slanted Door’s version. I make it two alternate ways, European or Asian. Take yer pick.

The dish NEEDS good, fresh corn; if yours is less than optimum, you’ll have to add a little artificial sweetening, and the dish will still be sub-par. It also demands fresh wild mushrooms- morels are preferred, but cinnamon caps work quite well.

Cut the kernels off three cobs of corn. Coarsely chop about 3/4 c of mushrooms. Slice and dice two spring onions or four scallions, reserving the green parts.

For the European version, chop 1/2 tbs of tarragon. For the Asian version, chop 1/2 tbs of cilantro.

Get a big frying pan or wok screamin’ hot. Swirl in some peanut oil, then add the corn. Stir for 15 seconds, then add the mushrooms. Fifteen more seconds, then add the whites of the onions. Stir, then let fry until there’s a little bit of browning. Stir again. Keep this up until the cork and mushrooms are slightly singed and there’s some residue on the bottom of the pan. Deglaze with (European version) a demi-sec Chenin Blanc or (Asian version) mirin. (European version): add salt and pepper to taste, then the tarragon; finish with the scallion greens, then plate. (Asian version): add light soy sauce to taste, some black pepper, the cilantro, and the scallion greens.


Cutting Corn | © 2008 Cynthia Wenslow

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