Pineapple of Death

Pineapple of Death | © 2009 Cynthia Wenslow

1 pineapple
2-3 tbs butter
2-3 tbs sugar
1/3 c rum (dark is better)
Smoked red savina to taste- as much as you dare

Cut off the top and bottom of a pineapple, then carve off the skin, making sure to remove all those little thorny deals. Core, then slice about 3/4″ thick, then cut the slices up into chunks.

Melt a decent knob of butter in a hot pan, then add the pineapple. Let it fry until it starts to caramelize, then turn over and caramelize the other side. Add 2-3 tbs of sugar (depending on how ripe the pineapple is). Stir around until the sugar melts into the butter, then pour in the rum. Stir that around and let the alcohol flame off (watch your eyebrows!).

When the fires die down and the liquid has reduced to a thick glaze, remove from heat, sprinkle with as much smoked red savina as you dare, then plate. Top with vanilla ice cream and remember the old joke (“Come on, ice cream!!!”).

Smoked red savina is devilishly hard to get, but worth the effort. If you can’t find it, you can substitute a mixture of dried, powdered habanero with a bit of pimenton.