On Tasting

We have very simple criteria when tasting wine –

What does it taste like now, what do we think it will taste like in the future (and how long do we think it will take to get there), what food do we want to drink it with and, most importantly, do we like it? We pledge never to seriously use the words “hedonistic”, “unctuous” or “gobs.” If we do, please let us know and we will promptly drown the brain cells from whence those words came.

Do we buy all our own wines and then taste them double blind?

What, are you stupid? We work for a living, so therefore we’re as opportunistic as hyenas catching a whiff of a ripe water buffalo carcass rotting under the hot Sarangeti sun. On the plus side, we’ll let you know if there is something that may call our notes into question, i.e. a well known burgundy house buying us a barrel of Pinot at the Hospice d’ Beaune auction and then us reviewing said Burgundy house’s wines.

All tasting notes are combined unless you see our initials.