Keys to Excellent Pizza

Perfect Pizza by Cynthia Wenslow
My own keys (and I modestly claim to make an excellent pizza) are:

1. Tipo Fino 00 flour with plenty of kneading
2. Highest quality canned whole San Marzano tomatoes, except for the 4 weeks that local tomatoes actually sing
3. No rolling, just hand spreading
4. Low moisture whole milk mozzarella- I love fresh bufala, but it tends to make the pizza soggy
5. Top quality EV olive oil
6. Garlic lightly precooked in the oil
7. Hottest oven possible with the longest practical preheat
8. Stone, of course
9. Minimum of added salt
10. Fresh ground black pepper in the sauce- not too much, just a few grinds
11. Sauce precooked for a few minutes
13. Cheese grated with a little Provolone added (not the smoked crap)